Worcs Vol Reg badge with pin001

Worcestershire VTC The WW1 Home Guard

Insignia of Worcestershire Volunteers 1914-18

Marksmanship badge.  Awarded for scores of 95% Deliberate and 90% Rapid fire.  First Class Shot badge similar but without the 'M'.

VTCM gen service badge

General Service cap badge.  Replaced regimental VTC cap badges from October 1916, as part of the new official recognition of the VTC.  Then used concurrently with both the the Volunteer Regiment badge and Worcestershire Regiment badge  in 1918

Worcestershire Volunteer Regiment badge designed and authorised in May 1915.  Used both as a lapel badge and  as a cap badge by the Volunteer Regiment  in 1915-16 and, from 1918, the  re-designated Volunteer Battalions of the Worcestershire Regiment. Originals made by J. R. Gaunt but has been widely faked.

Proficiency badge of Central Association, Volunteer Training Corps.  Design registered and patented early 1915.  Badge designed by Joseph Solomon, Royal Academy and made by Fattorini & Sons Bradford. Provided in two versions:

  • horseshoe saped fitting for insertion into a civilian lapel.

  • pin fitting for use on tunic (above right breat) or  civilian lapel.


VTC lapel badge 100dpi VTC red armband 100dpi VTC khaki armband 100dpi

1st pattern armband.  Red woollen fabric with black GR (George Rex).  Its design and use was strictly controlled.   Each one is named and numbered on the reverse.

2nd pattern armband.  Khaki woolen fabric with red GR (George Rex) and Crown.  Based on the Derby Scheme armband.  Use of khaki reflects a gradual acceptance of the VTC by the Army Council as it becomes the Volunteere Force in 1916.

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Badges not Illustrated:  

Worcestershire VTC pear tree cap badge

Dudley VTC lapel badge

King's Norton VTC lapel badge

Stourbtidge VTC lapel badge


Any information on these badges gratefully received.

Motor Volunteers Corps cap badge.  Motor units were established by the VTC from 1915 and became a distinct branch in 1916, finally recognised by the War Office in 1917.  In July 1918 the MVC became oart of the ASC and was re-titled ASC Mechanical Transport (Volunteers), with a unit in Worcester.  This was the last part of the VTC to be disbanded.

NMV 100dpi worcs regt

Worcestershire Regiment cap badge.  Permission was granted for this to be worn by the Worcestershire Volunteer Force in February 1918.  Issued to members of the Special Service company who served on the East Coast in 1918.  Some photographs therefore show V badge, GS badge and the Worcs Regt badge all being worn simultaneously by the same battalion.

Worcs Vol Reg badge with pin001 Worc_Vol_1918-shoulde_100dpi

Woven shoulder slide for the 1918 volunteer battalions of the Worcestershire regiment.  Prior to this, some photographs show brass VTC shoulder titles in use, including a DVTC shoulder title for Dudley.

WVR cap badge

Cap badge of the Women's Volunteer Reserve  with the motto 'Efficiency is Strength'.


WVR shoulde 90dpi

Shoulder title of the Women's Volunteer Reserve .